PAR2's History

PAR-2 :
The long time friends Jikkenteki and Katapult grew up together in St. Paul, Minnesota. During their younger years they had similar interests in hobbies and in music. Though each had their own specific tastes in music, they would introduce the other to new and different styles. As they got older, they found themselves living in different parts of the country and even of the world thus making musical collaboration difficult. Both even lived in Japan, only at different times. Jikkenteki was the first of the pair to begin creating tracks while Katapult was the first to spin records. As time progressed, they have aquired a substantial colleciton of both records and studio gear.

In 2001 the two finally ended up in the same place long enough to give them a chance to mess around together in the studio (spread out over two different countries and several states no less), which planted the seeds for their future musical collaborations. During this period they also threw the first installment of "In the Woods" series of parties. In 2002 they completed work on the track "It Is (What Isn't)" and at that time also solidified PAR-2 as an ongoing project.

PAR-2 Productions :
Since throwing their first party in 2001, the two have teamed up to work on several tracks as well as throw more parties as well as play several seperate events. While working on their second track they came to the realization that they needed to take their goals one step further. In doing so they created PAR2 Productions. PAR2 Productions oversees their work together as PAR-2 as well as their individual efforts as Katapult and Jikkenteki, party promotion and dj/live appearances.

With new ambitions presented, it was decided to develop a needed outlet for the rapidly emerging generation of highly talented psy-trance artists who were not following the current trends of mainstream psy-trances acts thus being missed by the majority of the scene. In an effort to help fill this void, PAR-2 Productions has begun operations as a record label focusing on releasing new and talented artists in order to get them the exposure they deserve.

PAR2 Original Tracks :

Muddy Leprechaun PAR2 Productions
Recoil PAR2 Productions
It Is What Isn't PAR2 Productions