In late 2002 the alias Katapult originated as a transformation of Patrick Huneke's former alter ego ctrKlockwise-a predominantly Hard House DJ.

ctrKlockwise began spinning Hard House and Jungle parties in San Francisco where he was a resident DJ on Bassline, a live web cast broadcast simultaneously shown on Vulcan Radio. Moving from San Francisco to Phoenix, AZ, ctrKlockwise found himself spending more and more time in his studio.

With the influence of childhood friend Jikkenteki, Katapult began spinning and writing Psy Trance tracks. This pair has teamed up to write several tracks as well as throw several events. Even though the two constantly find themselves living in different parts of the world they still find ways to influence each other.

At the end of 2002, ctrKlockwise decided to move to Portland Oregon. With the move came a reevaluation for this DJ/Producer. The change prompted a divergence from a younger and inexperienced ctrKlockwise to a more aggressive dedication towards bringing the music to the people. Thus Katapult was born.

Look for Katapult to be spinning hard dance tracks at clubs and outdoor events as well as releasing several new tracks.

Techno Webcast Mix 1001 Untouchable Tuesdays (AfterHoursDJS.org)
Psy Trance Demo Mix Katapult studio mix

DC PAR2 Productions
Nautical Disillusionment Katapult - Special thanks to lilRoj for the inspiration
Muddy Leprechaun PAR2 Productions
Cynical A Katapult remix of Jay Cynik's Flea Circus
Recoil PAR2 Productions
It Is What Isn't PAR2 Productions