Jikkenteki is the musical moniker of Rennis Buchner, a musician with over 15 years of experience. Jikkenteki proper came into being in 1999. After spending a year isolated in Japan without any of his musical equipment, he finally had enough and broke down, buying all new gear. In the beginning it was all was very humble gear, nothing like what was left behind in the US, but it was enough. After a phase of looking for direction and a couple of brief one off performances with DJ Spanktronic (under the moniker Shock Absorbing Mechanism), our friendly musician slowly started focusing in on the genre of psychedelic trance, of which he had been a long time fan of.

Due to the nature having new, unexplored and, in all honesty, low-end equipment, several givens from the old days were thrown out the window. Overdubbing, gone. Being able to adjust track levels and add effects afterwards, gone. Extensive sequencing, gone. In its place were dirty, on the fly arrangements. Everything was done live. Do or Die. Improvisation became an important and liberating element. Basically music became a performance again. This live on the fly approach gave birth to the albums “O.R.E.” with the original low-end gear and “Organic Imperfections” with an upgraded setup. Both of these albums were available on mp3.com. “Liquid Time” from the “Organic Imperfections” album was number 1 in the Asia goa charts on mp3.com for several months and remained in the top 30 there until mp3.com's demise in late 2003.

In 2001, Jikkenteki finally added the computer to the mix, which resulted in several new sonic elements and increased level of complexity to Jikkenteki’s sound. The album “Ex-Para-Mental” (also released on mp3.com) was the result of learning this new instrument and was Jikkenteki’s hardest and darkest work to date. 2001 also saw the debut of him on the dj circut, something he initially rather frowned upon, but eventually came to see the fun and enjoyment of. In late 2001, Jikkenteki returned to the US and was finally reunited with the rest of his studio which caused a massive quality boost in “Jikkenteki's” sound.

While enjoying many aspects of the dark, minimal and full-on sounds that have been popular in psy-trance in the last few years, Jikkenteki feels there is something that has become lost from the old “goa” days and as a result, he is trying to merge the sounds of the new with what he feels is the deeper vibe of the old. In the spring of 2004 he returned to Japan yet again and is currently living and working in Northern Japan.

In 2005, PAR-2 Productions' first compilation "A Walk Through Neptune's Garden", was released, which featured two of his tracks, as well a track written together with Katapult under the name "PAR-2". 2006 saw the release of "The Long Walk Home", an epic double album was was voted the #2 release of 2006 by readers of Psynews.org. Also that year Jikkenteki released a track on Sonic Traveler's compilation "Earth Energy: Resolution", which was available only in Japan and quickly sold out. PostUnder Records also included his track "Turning Pages" on their net compilation "These Boots Were Made For Stomping".

2007 saw the release of "Mainspring Motion", featuring a collaboration with the late Symphonics (of Phi fame) and 11 as well as a reprinted "International Version" of "Earth Energy: Resolution (with a different list than the Japanese original). His next album "Flights Of Infinity" was released in early 2008 by PAR-2 Productions as well as a free digital version on Ektoplazm.com. Also 2008 saw yet another compilation release with "Super Power Mustard", written again with 11, being released on Cronomi Record's "Freshly Cut Tomato" and the old classic "Boom Stick Gecko" on Cosmic Flower Records' digital compilation "Cosmos". Jikkenteki's next album "The Beginning Is At The End" is scheduled for release in early 2009.

Jikkenteki's Releases
The Long Walk Home (PAR-2 Productions, 2006)
Flights Of Infinity (PAR-2 Productions, 2008)
The Beginning Is At The End (PAR-2 Productions, coming soon)

A Walk Through Neptune's Garden (PAR-2 Productions, 2005)
These Boots Are Made For Stomping (PostUnder Records, 2006)
Earth Energy: Resolution (Sonic Traveler Music, 2007)
Mainspring Motion (Par-2 Productions, 2007)
Freshly Cut Tomato (Cronomi Records, 2008)
Cosmos (Cosmic Flower Records, 2008)
Chromatic Circuitry (Ektoplazm, 2008)

Most of these are available at PAR-2 Production's Webshop as well as shops such as Saiko Sounds.

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PAR-2 Releases PAR-2 Releases PAR-2 Releases

PAR-2 Releases PAR-2 Releases PAR-2 Releases

PAR-2 Releases PAR-2 Releases PAR-2 Releases

PAR-2 Releases

Listen to some of Jikkenteki's older work in the links below.

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