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Jikkenteki - The Long Walk Home

Nearly a year and a half in the making, PAR-2 Productions is proud to bring you our first full artist album by PAR-2's own Jikkenteki. Covering everything from floating ambient textures to ripping psychedelic trance, The Long Walk Home is a two disc concept album that explores the nature of duality in our lives and the world we live in. Inspired by a series of real events, this album explores the full range of human emotions from utter joy to devastating loss and how we can strangely experience many of these conflicting feelings at the same time. Rooted and earthy, yet soaring and majestic, The Long Walk Home is a two hour and twenty minute sonic journey of truly epic scale.

Jikkenteki - The Long Walk Home 2006 (PAR002)

Disc 1 - Revelations And Moments Of Clarity
Disc 1 Samples

1. False Sense Of Security
2. Ambiguity
3. An Angel Takes Flight
4. Chasing Raindrops
5. Warmth In Cold Places

Disc 2 - Moving Forward In The Real World
Disc 2 Samples

1. Temporary Distractions
2. Automagic
3. Quietly Screaming
4. Days Of The Weak
5. Something New
6. Different Paths
7. Stepping Forward
8. Warthm In Other Places

PAR-2 Productions
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Available June 11th, 2006
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